Documentbuilder validating

Documentbuilder validating

In addition, because it only works with the public id it cannot support XML documents using an XML Schema.

XML Entity and URI Resolvers describes using a set of catalog files to resolve enitities.

The example that follows shows how to use the Parameters params = new Parameters(); Catalog Resolver resolver = new Catalog Resolver(); Catalog Files("local/catalog.xml"," File Based Configuration Builder(XMLConfiguration.class) .configure(params.xml() File Name("config.xml") Entity Resolver(resolver) Schema Validation(true)); // enable schema validation XMLConfiguration config = Configuration(); provides two extension mechanisms that should provide applications with all the flexibility they may need.

The first, registering a custom Entity Resolver has already been discussed in the preceeding section.

However, more and more Java developers are finding that they no longer need extensive knowledge of SAX and DOM -- thanks largely to Sun Microsystems' JAXP toolkit.

The Java API for XML Processing (JAXP) makes XML manageable for even beginning Java programmers while still providing plenty of heft for advanced developers.

This article assumes that you have some basic knowledge of SAX and DOM.(If you're in disbelief at this point, you're reading the right article.) Instead, JAXP makes it easier to use DOM and SAX to deal with some difficult tasks.It also makes it possible to handle some vendor-specific tasks that you might encounter when using the DOM and SAX APIs, in a vendor-neutral way.Commons Configuration provides support for this Catalog Resolver through its own The XML sample above is an XML document using a default namespace of The schema Location allows a set of namespaces and hints to the location of their corresponding schemas.

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