Dating techniques science of attraction

Dating techniques science of attraction

Once a substance has been identified as hazardous to the existing ecological balance, it is the responsibility of chemists to locate that substance and neutralize it, limiting the damage it can do or removing it from the environment entirely.The last years of the 20th century will see many new, exciting discoveries in the processes and products of chemistry.Inevitably, the harmful effects of some substances will outweigh their benefits, and their use will have to be limited.

His views were highly regarded in late antiquity and remained influential throughout the Middle Ages.The impact of new substances on the environment can now be assessed before large-scale production begins, and environmental compatibility has become a valued property of new materials.For example, compounds consisting of carbon fully bonded to chlorine and fluorine, called chlorofluorocarbons (or Freons), were believed to be ideal for their intended use when they were first discovered.Increasingly, however, and especially in the public mind, the negative aspects of chemistry have come to the fore.Disposal of chemical by-products at waste-disposal sites of limited capacity has resulted in environmental and health problems of enormous concern.

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There is, as a result, a danger that the pursuit and application of chemical knowledge may be seen as bearing risks that outweigh the benefits.

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